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Yoga can be great in so many ways. A way to calm the mind, gain flexibility, body awareness are all positive things people seek when starting yoga. With there being physical and mental benefits, yoga has a strong effect on those that choose to make it a lifestyle. Even for those in pain, gaining flexibility and the ability to truly relax the muscles/mind can greatly effect ones pain.

The Full experience!

Just like our personal training, yoga uses our revolutionary software to create you the most personalized yoga experience yet! Not only do you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, a yoga instructor will be creating you your very own yoga sequence tailored to your every need. Have new goals next week? No problem! With this software your instructor can update you with a brand new video in the matter of seconds! 

  • Personalized, easy to follow yoga videos
  • 1 on 1 support from a yoga instructor
  • Weekly/daily updates
  • Comfort of your own space


  • Step 1 - Sign up, pick your instructor, and fill out your intake form.
  • Step 2 - Go over your intake form with your instructor and discuss the plan of action.
  • Step 3 - Get notified when your personalized video gets created.
  • Step 4 - Clear out the living room and get that body moving!
  • Step 5 - Contact your instructor with any questions, concerns or if you'd like a new video.


What if i have never done yoga before?

Not a problem! With our revolutionary software our instructors can make you an easy beginner video to start you off slow. You can ask your instructor for modifications, tips and tricks or even what they find most effective. The other beautiful part about doing yoga at your own home is there is no one to judge you or your form. So go wild! After some trail and error, some funky looking positions, it won’t take long until you are looking like a professional! 

What types of yoga do we offer?

We offer many different styles of yoga. Upon signing up you will select a yoga instructor of your choice. Each instructor will have a list of styles they offer. You can look at what each offers ahead of time in the section called “Our Team” at the bottom of the home page.

Can i cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. You will be able to access your account until your current subscription is finished and will not be charged for the next month.

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