Life Coaching

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Life Coaching

A life coach is someone that looks to empower their clients by helping them achieve their goals in both their personal and professional lives. Life coaches are people that inspire, motivate, and encourage those around them. 

A better life!

Are you feeling a bit stuck in your life? Not sure WHY you are doing what you are doing? Or WHAT it is that makes you, you? You are not alone. Many of us get stuck in life whether that is getting to the next level in sports, moving up in your career, or even how to be a better you. These are all things that a life coach can help you with.  

  • 1 on 1 meetings with a coach
  • Daily/weekly check ups
  • Accountability

How it works!?

  • Step 1 - Email life coach of your choice.
  • Step 2 - Go through their own intake form with them.
  • Step 3 - Identify what the goals are and actionable plan.
  • Step 4 - Discuss fees with them personally. This changes from case to case.
  • Step 5 - Get ready to live your best life!


Why do the fees change from case to case?

Our life coaches, after discussing with you, will make an actionable plan to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. This might consist of talking to you once a day, once a week or even just monthly check ups. These will all effect what your monthly fee will be. The more you talk, the more it will be. If you have more questions please email: for more information on what the rates look like. 

Can i cancel my time with the coach?

Yes, you may cancel your time with them. Simply message them directly and tell them you want to end your time with them. Charges may apply if a session is already in progress. 

Why have i never heard of a life coach?

Life coaches are still fairly new to the world of health. With anything new it takes time for people to recognize their benefits. You will now see CEO’s of large companies and professional athletes with life coaches to help aid with the large amounts of pressure on them. As the profession continues to grow, more and more people are starting to seek for a life coach to help them in everyday things. 

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