About Us

We aim to inspire you to reinvent yourself..

In order to do so, we take you through an in depth process to find out what your goals are, what types of challenges may come up along the way, and what time frame you are looking at for achieving your goals. With our highly educated staff and unique software, we are able to take that information and provide a quick video that is specific to you and your needs each week that you are able to do in the comfort of your own home. On top of that, our support groups and coaches will help keep you on track and encouraged to reach your goals.

The Name

Total Potential was stumbled upon over dinner with my parents. I always knew my aspirations in life were more then being a Registered Massage Therapist. I wanted my own company. We sat there eating, discussing what cool names the company could potentially be called. We wanted a name that incorporated the goals of the company but also something that represents myself. We took my initials and started brain storming – shortly after we were sold on the name. Total Potential was born three years prior to launch over a simple dinner with the ones I love and ever since then I’ve kept the vision alive to create what it is today.

Reinvent Yourself came into the picture a year before launch. I wanted something to embody the process of what it takes to reach your total potential. Change can be a scary thing in life but we must go through change in order to grow. The process of reinventing yourself, whether that be physically, mentally, or both, is something I want to make a priority in each and everyone of you. This slogan represents the process in which you will undergo on your way to reaching your total potential.

My Story

Growing up, I played nearly every sport possible – football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer and volleyball. I always wanted to try them all. As I got older, I played football and lacrosse competitively at a national level. After graduating high school I received a scholarship to SFU for football. At this point I did not fully know what I wanted to do with my life beyond sports. Sadly, within my first year of playing football at SFU my career came to an end shortly after it started. I got a helmet to the knee which resulted in me getting a knee transplant at the young age of 19. Although at the time it was seen as such a negative time in my life, through much adversity, I am proud to say that moment is now seen as a blessing in disguise. From Physiotherapists helping me learn to walk again, to Registered Massage Therapists reducing my pain, and everyone in between – my life had changed for the better. Despite the fact it is not the same as the life I once lived, it is now a life filled with passion and determination to help people in the position I too was once in. I figured that if I could do that for other people on a daily basis, it would be a pretty amazing feeling. For the past 5 years I have devoted my time to becoming an RMT and have had the chance to help people everyday. I started this business to not only give back to the community but to help people reach their Total Potential by living a happy and healthy life.


Generating Leads