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Real Trainers = Real Results

Get your very own personal trainer to guide you through your journey. No more picking from millions of online work outs or letting some algorithm tell you whats best! 

Turn your MIND off and your BODY on!

Our revolutionary Workout experience

Get the best at home work out experience! 

No start/stop, no clicking next, no distractions. Click play and start sweating! 

"It is super easy to follow and I love that there's a count down so I don't have to stare at the screen!"

Gloria Ellis - Client
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no AI software = Real Trainers

We take pride in offering you your own real life trainer to guide you on your journey. No computerized software that “thinks” it knows you best. Our trainers will take the time to get to know you and your goals in order to give you the very best results!

Find yourself strugling with nutrition?

You are not alone! Get custom meal plans, a food tracking app and most importantly a real person to hold you accountable. No relying on AI like other fitness companies.

No difficult calorie/macro counting required.

Nutrition with a Trainer
Nutrition with a Holistic Nutritionist

Online Coaching and nutrition for the same as a coffee per day!

Training and Nutrition Bundle

CAD $150/per month

US $105/per month

Personal Trainer of your choice
Unlimited personalized workout videos
Unlimited support and advice
Weekly accountability
Realistic and easy food tracking
Professionally made intake form and assessment

Get Support from our growing community !

Our Apparel

Let’s make a difference! A dollar from each item sold goes to KidSport to help give less fortunate kids the opportunity to reach their total potential.

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